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Compression Therapy

Rapid Reboot

Our Rapid Reboot compression therapy can dramatically aid in the body's natural healing process. Compression therapy aids in the natural process of removing toxins and waste, while increasing flexibility, improving muscle response, and decreasing the likelihood of injury by targeting tight, tense muscles and fascia. Rapid Reboot is FDA-cleared and available for arms+shoulders, hips, and legs. Enjoy your 30 minute session in our zero gravity chairs, designed to help maximize your comfort and relaxation.


How does Compression Therapy Work?

Rapid Reboot compression technology speeds up your body's natural healing processes by enhancing blood flow to your muscles to facilitate cellular repair and protein synthesis, boosting lymphatic drainage to relieve inflammation and reduce swelling, and mobilizing waste products such as lactic acid and excess fluids. What you'll notice is less stiffness and soreness, as well as increased mobility and flexibility.


What are the Contraindications?

While Rapid Reboot is safe to use for a variety of applications, please consult your doctor before using Rapid Reboot if you know or suspect you may have the following: deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism (blood clot), or edema, thrombophiebitis, inflammation of the skin (e.g., erysipelas, cellulitis), vascular disease, severe peripheral neuropathy, or related issues and complications.

Compression Therapy

  • Speeds recovery + rehab

  • Reduces inflammation + swelling

  • Improves + enhances blood flow

  • Removes toxins + lactic acid

  • Improves flexibility

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